Next Mezcal class is 7pm Wednesday, April 24th at Cloud Tree Studios in East Austin.

The Ministry of Mezcal presents Mezcal 101:  An Introduction to Mezcal.  Come and learn about Mexico’s most interesting and varied spirit.  This class will equip you with the knowledge of exactly what mezcal is as we’ll examine its different production processes from start to finish.   You’ll also leave the class knowing how to identify mezcal and make informed purchasing decisions.  And of course you’ll get to experience and enjoy 7 different expressions of mezcal, all from the state of Oaxaca, none of which are commercially available in the US. This rare and unique tasting is complementary to synthesize the information you’ll receive in class. No mezcal will be available for sale.

The Ministry of Mezcal is taught at Cloud Tree Studios in East Austin. Reservations are required as classes do fill up. Please call or email Kevin:   512-707-9087.

Yes, we do private tastings and events as well.  Simply call or email to inquire.

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